My Stencil


During the process of learning, I looked into various websites to analyze the Earning / Fundamental data. I had to click through many pages –

Thought of designing a stencil to have a single page Dashboard which gives an overall view of a company

I am not a software guy … I am a bit familiar with Access database and developed this stencil

This stencil gives, in a nutshell, the last 10 years’ annual sales and Sales growth,  PAT, Profit Margin and Margin Growth . last few Quarters results…

A fair price based on historical valuations and a Target Price based on the hypothesis that Expected Returns are an extrapolation of what had been achieved historically.

  Data Inputs

Excel File containing Quarterly / Annual Results ( Sources: , Ratestar .in )

EOD files from BSE Site

All are linked via Access Query and the result is expressed in an Access Form DOWNLOAD LINK